Services & Programmes

The Otaihanga site establishes a base for a comprehensive service throughout the Wellington region.

The scope and future development of Hohepa Wellington services includes:

  • Establishing flexible housing options and developing the centre’s recreational, social and therapeutic capacity. A social centre is planned on-site to offer a venue for small gatherings, arts & craft workshops. The large shed currently on the site will also provide space for workshop type activities such as woodwork and maintenance work.
  • The people on site have already established vegetable gardens and hens. The gardens will be further developed, growing biodynamic produce which may be available for sale to the public. The aim is to establish a positive presence for Hohepa in the community.
  • Enable Hohepa to offer worthwhile activities during the day, possibly building partnerships with other local intellectual disabilities service providers and giving the opportunity for wider social integration.
  • Encouraging recreational, sporting and artistic opportunities among the community. The intent is to ensure a “community facing” service that is inclusive and invites wide participation by residents in the community and of the community in the lives of our residents.
  • Residents will be actively engaged in physical work outdoors in tasks such as ground maintenance including working in the community on environmental and community projects. As our work teams learn skills in caring for grounds and lawn-mowing, there may be neighbours and other community organisations interested in having work done for them on a paid basis for residents.
  • Supporting clients with a wider range of capabilities including setting up an ‘outpost’ service in Lower Hutt is in the longer term planning.
  • The Ministry of Health and Wellington Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination agencies (NASC’s) have expressed strong interest in Hohepa developing the service capability for children, given the successful outcomes achieved for children attending the children’s community in Hawkes Bay. Scope for school support for such a facility will be explored.
The development of on-site activities recognises our emphasis on the holistic development, sense of self-worth and fulfilment of the individual through engaging in meaningful ‘work’, recreational activities and developing their creative talents.

Community Integration & Vocational Focus

Our services will substantially focus on building community partnerships to offer real vocational training, social opportunities and developing an ability to ‘get around’ the local community.  We are currently in the initial stages of establishing relationships & partnerships with local community groups, authorities and education providers.

Links will be made with the possible development of native nursery production planned in Hawke’s Bay. The aim is for Hohepa Wellington residents to actively engage in environment and habitat protection work.