About Us

The Hohepa Homes Trust Board purchased a 2.0ha site at Otaihanga in December, 2013.

The existing house on the site has been extensively renovated to accommodate four residents plus staff accommodation and an administration office. From this initial home, the intent is to progressively construct smaller units designed to accommodate adults with complex needs in smaller social mixes, but retaining space for social connectedness for residents.

A re-located classroom, serves as a as social crafts/cultural centre, and functions as a place for day activities such as art classes, and yoga.

The second house, Kowhai, was added in 2016, and houses three residents. The most recent addition, Te Koha Aroha, was completed in late 2018, with its first of four residents moving in November 2018. We have since added a house in the community, in the immediate vicinity of the main site, with more planned to follow in early 2020.

The Vision

The vision is for the 5 acre Otaihanga site , and other close residences, is to accommodate 35-40 people in a range of dwellings styles. The intent is to develop mixed residences, arranged in “pods”, accommodating up to 6-7 people sharing some facilities, for example – 2 x 2 person + 1 x 3 person dwellings with shared laundry and support staff working across the pod. Each dwelling would be fitted with independent kitchen, living and bathroom facilities. A larger kitchen/dining facility would be located in one of the houses in each pod to enable gatherings for meals and social interaction.

For higher needs people, most likely to be those living on site, regular staff support are available, providing 24/7 care.

Local Amenities

Walking is a common part of the Hohepa lifestyle, with distance to the bus circuit an achievable walk. The Otaihanga recreational reserve is within easy walking distance, adjacent to the Waikanae River which is suitable for swimming and safe boating. The reserve also leads to various walking pathways including towards the beach and Raumati facilities. All of these are regularly used by the people we support

Our Residents

Four residents took up occupancy in 2015, and opportunity for new Wellington-based residents occurred as new housing was built. Further people are being supported in community locations, in close proximity to the main site. As at March 2019, Hohepa Kapiti is supporting 13 people, 2 more are transitioning into our service, and there are with several more on a waiting list.